The type and level of research activities is one of the main indicators of development and progress. If there is no research, human knowledge will not increase, and it will slow down and conclusively will face deflation. Also, education will lose its vitality and dynamism.

All that we know as the advancement of science in different periods of history is the result of the persuasion of people who are approaching their work through research. Their seeking mindset has always been a motive for further research activities. The purpose of the research approach is to teach that at all levels and stages, teaching methods should be designed in ways that don't limit students to text books and by analyzing the existing resources they should be able to expand their knowledge. In this type of approach, students will learn "how to learn" and will be able to develop their learning in an experimental way.

Sustainable and comprehensive development in each country depends considerably on the quantitative and qualitative expansion of its research activities. Today's students are tomorrow's scholars who can expand the boundaries of knowledge through their efforts. Effective teaching of research ensures future research success.

Certainly, the expansion of research depends on the constructive interaction of all educational and research sectors in the country and none of the organizations alone can help improve the state of research in the country. Therefore, progress requires national determination and consideration to the status of research in various fields.

Department of Research and Development of Rabbani Cultural and Educational Complex has an effective role in establishing a research approach promoting the level of innovation and has aimed for establishing a strong link between the fields of production and use of science as well as introducing students to the latest achievements of science and technology.

By focusing on increasing the skills and abilities of students in the field of social and scientific issues and by challenging basic science we have tried to increase the basic knowledge of students, their creativity, and the effectiveness of students in the community.

During each school year, the students of Rabbani Cultural and Educational Complex participate in competitions, exhibitions and scientific events both national and international and bring significant accomplishments.