High School

Since we believe that individual and educational growth are the necessities of this particular age group which take place simultaneously, Rabbani Educational and Cultural Complex strives to increase self-awareness among students. Considering the fact that stages of self-awareness are different for each age group, the program for the Elementary School leads students to achieve self-confidence and self-esteem.
Therefore, in order to meet the standards of the World Health Organization, the ten-level skills in effective learning and different personality dimensions of students are strengthened and they are taught not only for better education, but also to live a proper life.
It is our utter conviction that the encouragement and approval of our loved ones who are aware of their rights and responsibilities bring them personal and educational. A combination of having faith in themselves and their capabilities alongside with knowing today's technology will transform our students into future entrepreneurs.

In High School, the educational planning is based on strengthening students' ability to manage time, thoughts, health and body, leisure activities, effective communication and study schedules. These capabilities combined with critical thinking encourages students to participate in international scientific competitions. Cognitive development of students in order to understand and actualize their potentials and find their independent identity is another piece of our mission at this level.