Rabbani Institute of Culture and Education

About US

Rabbani Cultural and Educational Complex began its activities in the summer of 1372 (1993) with the establishment of non-governmental secondary school in district 3 of Tehran Education Organization. The creation of growth and human development, coupled with incentives endogenous learning by increasing moral, cognitive, emotional /social capabilities with attention to individual differences are the most important goals of education in this complex.

In 1383 (2004-205), after the establishment of high school, the education linkage between high school and pre-university with the most process-oriented and comprehensive approach became one of the main goals of the Rabbani Complex. Throughout these years 1382 – 1384 (2003-2004 to 2005-200) re-organization in all aspects including human resource led to new developments in the complex. Movement to the new building with an innovative architecture (in Shahrak-e-Qods, Second district of Tehran Education Organization), redesigning of educational processes, obtaining the quality management certificate, commencing the special teacher training courses, have provided an initial platform to create a learning and improving school.

During all these years, a particular love for training balanced and prosperous people,the spirit of teamwork and cooperation, a tendency to change, creativity and above all a sense of belonging of colleagues, parents and students have been a valuable support for qualitative and quantitative development in all aspects.