Rabbani Institute of Culture and Education


Our mission is to build a learning organization in Rabbani Cultural and Educational Complex, the results of which leads to success and excellence of all the students and personnel:

The success of our children in life; we are looking for the potential that is rooted in all students and we are going to provide them with the appropriate conditions in order to find the right path which guides them towards empowerment, entrepreneurship and excellence so that they will be happy and faithful.
The success of our colleagues in society: We have created a special atmosphere for the excellence and capabilities of the school staff so that they achieve a high social status and decent financial position and impact on human growth and development.
The success of families and societies: We play an active role in interacting with families and the surrounding society to be effective citizens in improving living conditions of our motherland.
The success of the next generation:Our children will befuture mothers. Therefore, we believe in sustainable development so that the next generations benefit from the wisdom and love.